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Unleash the power with the EVC Throttle Controller by Ultimate9.The EVC Throttle Controller is a DIY product, able to befitted to a vehicle in as little as 5minutes to remove throttle lag.With its 4 driving modes and 20 levels of sensitivity to cycle between, the EVC gives youmore control over your vehicle’s throttle response to better suit varying terrains or drivingsituations.



  • EVC Digital LED Display (L) 49 x (W) 31 x (H) 8 mm
  • Wiring harness
  • EVC Quick Start Guide
  • Branded sticker
  • Cabletie

EVC Throttle Controller

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  • Ultimate Mode [9 levels]:Enhance your throttle response and choose from 9 levelsof sensitivity tofine-tune your vehicle's response.
  • Adapt Mode [1 level]:Take the guesswork out. Let Adapt Mode choose the best Ul-timate throttle response based on your pedal input.
  • Eco Mode [9 levels]:Subdue your initial throttle response for greater control onloose, uneven surfaces such as when off-road. With 9 levels to choose from, EcoMode is great for off-road, heavy traffic and low-speed towing manoeuvres. Try yourluck and see if you can gain more economy from your vehicle!
  • Factory Mode [1 level]:Replicates factory throttle settings, ideal for sharing your ve-hicle with an unfamiliar driver
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