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The evcX sees the addition of new features and functionality, allowing users to explore their vehicle’s potential even further.


Bluetooth enabled, take control of the evcX through the new Ultimate9 TC app and enjoy the larger displays offered by mobile devices, whether picking from favourite settings or choosing different modes and sensitivity levels.


Its larger OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display supports comprehensive on-screen information, incorporating a self-dimming feature that activates as it senses a change in ambient lighting.


With new mounting options available and dual USB-C plug ports, the driver interface offers users greater freedom in positioning and the ability to be removed from the vehicle, leaving the throttle controller in the last selected mode.


Remove the driver interface in combination with the new Lock mode and add another layer of security. Lock Mode will disable the throttles input and offer users more comfort in their car’s safety.




Standard features of the evcX include:


  • Bluetooth control via the Ultimate9 TC App - iOS/Android compatible
  • Ultimate9 mode - Selects the highest throttle response setting
  • Ultimate mode - 9 levels of enhanced throttle response
  • Launch mode - Selects the highest throttle response. Input is modified compared to Ultimate9 mode to reduce the likelihood of wheel spin
  • Adapt mode - Set and forget. Adapts to user throttle input to automatically select an enhanced throttle setting.
  • Eco mode - 9 levels of subdued throttle response
  • Anti-Slip mode - 9 levels of reduced and limited maximum throttle response for increased traction
  • Factory mode - Replicates standard factory settings
  • Valet mode - Reduced throttle response and RPM limited
  • Lock mode - Disables user interface and locks throttle
  • Dual USB-C plug ports - ease of installation and integration
  • Removable user interface - Enhanced security with Lock mode
  • An array of mounting options
  • Easy carry storage satchel
  • OLED display - Displays mode and connection/Lock status
  • Programmable to both automatic and manual transmissions
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Limited lifetime replacement warranty
  • Certified to RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark - AU), CE (European Conformity) & FCC (Federal Communications Commission -US) requirements

EVC X Throttle Controller

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Ultimate9 Mode: For maximum throttle enhancement, Ultimate9 mode instantly sets the pedal response to the sharpest setting.


Ultimate Mode: Ultimate Mode enhances your throttle response. The higher the setting, the sharper the throttle becomes. Featuring 9 levels of adjustment for user refinement, Ultimate modes are great for everyday driving, towing, overtaking, or highway cruising.


Launch Mode: Launch Mode is also an enhanced mode. However the initial response is modified in comparison to the Ultimate9 mode to reduce the likelihood of wheel spin, therefore increasing traction.


Adapt Mode: Adaptive Control Mode is essentially a set and forget mode, automatically giving an enhanced response between Ultimate levels 1 to 9 based on driver pedal input.


Anti-Slip Mode: Anti-Slip Mode offers 9 levels of subdued throttle response and limits RPM, reducing the chance of wheel spin when driving on slippery surfaces such as snow, ice and mud.


Eco Mode: Eco mode dampens throttle response below factory levels and features 9 levels of sensitivity. The higher the setting, the more subdued the throttle response becomes. Great for:

  • Off road - offering more stability and control over rough terrain
  • Low-speed towing maneuvers - where more control for precise backing may be required.


Valet Mode: Designed for parking, Valet mode reduces the throttle response whilst limiting the maximum RPM.


Factory Mode: Factory Mode replicates your vehicles factory/OE throttle mapping.


Lock Mode: Adds an extra level of security to the customer’s vehicle. When Lock mode is engaged, all throttle input from the accelerator pedal is blocked, immobilising the vehicle. For safety, Lock Mode can only be accessed from the Setting Menu on the Driver Interface or via the Ultimate9 TC App.

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