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We are proud to release the HD I Kaze intake system for Alfa Romeo Giulia.

The Kaze intake initiative employs the latest technology, fluid dynamically analysing the  OEM plastic intake hoses in order to maximised the intake efficiency while maintain minimum alteration to the original design for easiest installation.

Improvement includes

Replacing the corrugated plastic rips caused turbulence that reduces the effective internal cross-section area.

Billet CNC machined ports in original OEM position for long lasting and easy installation.

Fluid Dynamic design, as it is extremely close to the Air flow meter , it is essential to maintain the same flow Characteristic as the OEM hose while Maximise the Measured Air Flow intake!

More breakthrough development is underway.

Stay tuned for more product updates


HD i Design, Test and manufacturer

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HDi Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.0T Cold Air Intake Silicone Hose